Business-to-Business sales coaching

An inside-out approach to sales coaching to inform all areas of sales enablement

Skills Coaching

We observe every sales call and provide an in-depth analysis of sales performance, specific to the purpose of the call. Coaching cues are then provided, creating daily micro improvements per salesperson. This quickly results in significant improvements in sales performance

Leadership Coaching

Coaching for the correct skills can only be done when the right strategy, processes and structures are in place for salespeople. We help businesses to ensure effective coaching is possible by validating sales strategy and ensuring the processes, technology and team composition support the strategy

technology and AI driven shift from management to coaching

Modern sales success requires a shift in mindset from managing salespeople to coaching them. This is not an easy shift for most companies, so we use the latest methods in sales coaching combined with technology to make the shift seamless

In-depth expertise across the entire sales cycle

The core of your sales success is what’s happening when your salespeople are engaging with your prospective clients. We give you insights never seen before and coach your trench warriors on the keys for success while providing your leaders with the tools and structures to coach them effectively

What Makes Us Different


Instead of tired cliches, we deliver measurable improvements in your sales performance


Using AI-driven technology, we can coach at any employee level, at scale

All About You

We care about the people we work with and think of our clients as teammates on the same side


We’ve been doing sales for a long time and have learnt through trial and error

Cost Effective

Our expertise combined with technology allows us to deliver our solutions cost-effectively

Powered By Passion

Sales performance is not just a job for us, it’s a life-long hobby we study and work towards daily

what Our Clients Say

A joint-venture approach

Crafted Success

Our success depends on your success. We go to great lengths to understand your business goals and the role and structure of your sales team and work with you to determine the course of action for sales improvement

Experiencing Sales Challenges?

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Experiencing Sales Challenges?

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