The Right Way to Sell


To be the voice of reason and source of truth in the field of Business-to-Business sales, in a time where there are so many experts, it’s hard to know who to trust


To significantly change the way salespeople, teams and leaders operate to the extent that sales becomes the leading function of any organisation


Learn continuously. Improve continuously. Do what’s right, no matter how hard, without compromise

We're here for any sales challenges you may be facing

After being in the sales improvement game for a long time, you realize that most sales challenges are the same. They vary by business and industry, but at the core, the challenges are the same. Often what is required is a new pair of eyes and fresh thinking into the problem. We’ve helped hundreds of salespeople and dozens of businesses to overcome their challenges. Let us be your new eyes and fresh thinking.

Martin Lamberti, Founder, Managing Director

Since I started Level180 in 2015, I have been learning a great deal by being all things to all people when it comes to any area of sales. In the process, I have learnt that what I enjoy the most about sales improvement is coaching. If you don’t know what your salespeople are doing when they are with your clients, then the best strategy, processes, technology and structures mean nothing. By partnering with some smart businesses, we can coach at scale using AI driven technology.

Kaley Muil, Business Development Representative

My passion for people, communication, and behavioral sciences aid me in understanding complex, dynamic and ever-changing online environments. Specializing in Lead generation, I'm eager to learn more about how we can make a difference for every company we work with.

Working with the right partners

Working with like-minded partners is essential to our success. By working with the right partners, we can rapidly deploy IP in a meaningful, impactful way at scale. We work together to understand your goals and formulate solutions to achieve them in the quickest, most effective means possible

Frequently Asked Questions

Each business is different, but if you suspect your deals are taking too long to close and your closing rate is low, you could have a problem.

The starting point is with your CRM. The data in your CRM contains clues to your sales performance. We can help you to audit your sales performance.

Training is equipping your sales workers with the skills to do the job. Coaching is the re-enforcement and refinement of those skills through on the job-feedback and cues.

This is the question we get the most! Yes, we can get you in front of more customers. But doing sales right is not just about volume. We focus on quality sales engagements, which has a much bigger impact on your success.

At the core, there are only two metrics that move the needle in sales performance. Volume and conversion rates. Those conversion rates start at marketing and end with the customer being won, committed and achieving Lifetime Value. We can help you to figure out what conversion rates you should be measuring.

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