Tailor-made AI-Driven sales coaching

10% of what we learn in the workplace comes from training. 20% comes from learning from our peers in the workplace. The remaining 70% comes from on-the-job learning. This 70% is the most neglected area of sales performance and where we specialise – coaching.

Our Services

Skills Training

Before effective coaching strategies can be put in place, we need to ensure that the salespeople and leaders have the right training in place to achieve their objectives. We will evaluate current training setup and fill in any gaps. If there is no training in place, we will develop the training plan and help you to implement it

  • Prospecting: cold calling and cold emails
  • Effective discovery and demo calls
  • Keeping prospects engaged through the sales cycle
  • Effective trading (negotiation)

Skills Coaching

In the business-to-business realm of sales, for the most part, processes are complex. Different skills are required for different parts of the process. We design coaching objectives for all areas of the sales process and work with you to ensure the goals for each stage of the process are fulfilled through on-the-job coaching

  • Define goals
  • Design coaching plans
  • Set scorecards per sales skill
  • Record salescalls
  • Evaluate sales calls
  • Provide on the job coaching 

Team and Resource Structure

Whether you are just starting out, or you have an established sales team, you have a limited amount of resources to ensure your success. How you use your resources has a significant impact on your sales performance. We’ll evaluate your existing resources and work with you to ensure they are being put to their best use

  • Resource gap assessment
  • Team structuring in line with your business goals
  • Incentives
  • SDR/AE/KAM mix

Strategy and Process Design

Your sales strategy is the roadmap to achieving your business goals. The processes are the rules of the road, to ensure you get there safely. Yet most businesses do not have a solid sales strategy and their processes are designed to govern internal shortcomings. We design and refine sales strategies in line with your business goals and ensure the processes support the strategy

  • Strategy review or design
  • Sales process design
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Adapting your sales proces to your buyers’ process


Part of your resource makeup is the technology you can use to automate repetitive tasks and keep track of your sales activities. There are new platforms being launched daily that help to automate and improve sales performance, but not all systems are a fit for all businesses. With a passion for technology in sales, we’ll help you to find and use the right technology

  • Call recording and AI-driven coaching
  • CRM
  • Integrations
  • General sales enablement technology

SaaS Implementations

Developed by the multiple-award winning Winning By Design, we are adept in the Sales As A Science methodology, which is a framework to measure and improve sales efficiency across the entire customer lifecycle. We can help you to implement the SaaS method for your business, so that you can track performance and identify areas in need of improvement

  • Determine data sources and conversion rate measurements
  • Define data model
  • Set datapoints in your CRM
  • Design measurement matrix
  • Identify areas of improvement

Telling Your Story

Sales is about story telling. Your business should be taking your prospects and clients on a journey that tells a compelling story about your business. From the first engagement, they should know what value you offer. Yet most businesses still get this wrong. We help develop your sales collateral in such a way that it tells a story your clients will want to hear

  • Value proposition development
  • Identify channels of engagement
  • Adapt value proposition to engagement channel
  • Call and email scripts

Lead Generation

Due to high demand and the amount of work we do with outbound sales teams, we offer B2B lead generation as a service to our clients. Using the latest tech stacks and methods, we use simple but relevant sales copy through various channels to generate leads. We get results because:

  • We source the right data: We take time to learn your target market in detail and source those leads
  • We get our emails delivered through proper email domain configuration
  • Our copy adds value, is relevant and to the point

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