Martin Lamberti

Founder and Managing Director

“I started the business in 2016. I quit my corporate career of solution selling after 18 years, driven by a desire to change the way sales is done. Too often, businesses rely on black hat (“shady”) tactics to market their products and services. Depending on the complexity of what you do,  modern sales should be about starting meaningful conversations with your prospects around the product or solution you offer. Marketing should assist to start these conversations.

My goal for Level180 is to drive this change through the work we do.

I am the principle consultant and am supported by a board of non-executive directors, to ensure the work we do is relevant, and that we adapt to market changes accordingly. I am also supported by an incredible team of partners that I have built up over many years. With this structure, we can scale up and down rapidly, to deliver projects of all sizes.

Having bootstrapped this business, I have had to rely heavily on automation, specifically in the sales and marketing space. I believe it is this skill, combined with the knowledge I have gained in marketing and sales from 20 years in the trenches that sets us apart.”

what some of our clients say...

We work as an extension of your business to help you navigate the world of Sales and Marketing, ensuring your activities deliver your business objectives.