Established Teams

Unleashing team performance is about identifying and making minor adjustments to existing methods that have a big impact


Here are some of the areas we can help


Develop your story​​​​​

Your products and services may be relevant to your prospects, but the challenge you face when trying to win new business is getting your prospects to understand. The key to get them to listen is to put them at the center of your story. But this is easier said than done. We help you to develop your story in such a way that your prospects will hear and understand.



The team you have in place is there because they are keen to market your products and services. But in many cases, they don't have the tools, or the skills to do so effectively. We use a modern approach to training with a heavy focus on strategy and process design, to equip your team with the tools and skills to be as effective as they can be. Our training programs are tailor made for our clients' requirements.


Supporting technology

Acquiring new business has become extremely complex, thanks to technology. To aid you in your pursuit for new business, all your initiatives can be supported and augmented by technology. But there is so much of it, and it can be really expensive, so where do you begin. We work with a network of partners to deliver all tpyes of supporting technology, including CRM, Gamification, and prospecting tools.

Your Success

More often than not, it's the small adjustments you make to your current methods that have the biggest impact on your ability to win new business. We can help you identify and make those adjustments

What Our Clients Say About Us

​​New prospects wanted to engage over our services

As a new business division, we needed more clients. Level180 implemented and managed a fresh approach to ​securing highly qualified meetings that used technology and modern storytelling to accelerate addressing our challenges

​Lauren Wortmann  //  ​General Manager: Digital Advisory

​Modern KPI's that drive the right behaviour

​Level180 developed and implemented our Sales Processes and KPI's. They also recommended and implemented a new CRM specific to our processes which allowed us to manage the processes and KPI's much more efficiently

​Maritha Theron  //  ​Head of Sales

​Realigned our sales focus​​

Level180 developed a new sales strategy for us which realigned the sales focus to acquiring new as well as growing existing clients. Martins ability to immerse himself in the culture of the business ensured that the process achieved optimal levels of success

​Craig Doubtfire  //  ​Commercial Director

​ Shortened sales cycle

​Level180 ​assisted us to refine our business development strategy, by implementing the required structures and processes, which shortened sales cycles while ensuring the clients' expectations are exceeded

​Gawie Erasmus  //  ​CEO

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